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G-RPS4 204.53/90:569 GCT 1 880 880

Recent Updates

  • Switch database to PostgreSQL (was MariaDB).
  • Don't display vendor prices for items selling for credits, as they're now variable.
  • Disabled new account sign-up until we implement an anti-spam system.
  • Start showing loot-drops from Salvageing / Looking for Trouble / Sewers.
  • Item-lists - show/hide columns (remembers preference).
  • Weapon & Armor item-lists - add total damage/armor columns.
  • Weapon item-list - add 'Long Range' column/filter.
  • New Item-List pages for different item types. Filter by tier, rarity, weapon-type, and if it's purchasable at vendors.
  • New "route planner" tool.