(Whisper Maw Ruins)
Half-ripped buildings face a semi-circular crater of incredible destruction. The hull of the station here is a patchwork array of pieces of shredded architecture and recycled and salvaged materials. The seal helps to maintain the atmosphere at a sufficient level, and through convenient efficiency provides a stable environment for those looking to avoid the attention of authorities.
This section of Alpha Centauri Jump Gate, once the location of employee housing, restaurants, hotels, and shops, was decimated when the gate fell to a fatal malfunction during the Catastrophe. Climate controls went offline, and air vented into space through a gaping hole in the station's very exterior. Those trapped in the fateful district were sealed in by emergency protocols which lead to their doom when the station's systems failed and went offline. Chunks of the station's mid-section were sucked out into the void of space, leaving a pock of eerie desolation behind, encircled by destruction all around. Recently reopened and repaired, with stable environmental levels, the ruins, nicknamed, ‘Whispering Maw,’ have proven to be a tidy refuge for those seeking to avoid the ever watchful eyes of the stations security cameras.

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