The Wilds

(The Wilds)
The sectors adjoining the new makeshift seal in the station's hull were least trusted by those who valued their lives. Naturally, these unwanted zones became the Wilds; a space for the lawless and the feral to pursue their grim slaughter, beyond the fringe of orderly society. Only those inured to the dread of death can be comfortable passing under such evidently improvised shielding from the terrifying vacuum beyond the wall.
According to the station Governor's last dispatch to Consortium bosses back on Tau Station; there are no Wilds on Alpha Centauri Jump Gate. It may fool a distant and distracted boss, but local residents here know very well it's not true. These Wilds are as rough as any in the system. The deranged thugs that roam are every bit as vicious as in the days following Catastrophe. Civilization feels like a distant concept in these parts.
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