Court of Fools

(The Court of Fools)
The Court of Fools represents the vestiges of the people’s government that had ruled in the Protectorate’s absence. Situated in the deep ruins of Bordeaux, the Court resides for those who prefer life away from the ruling class.
Bright colors festoon the entire area, with faux silks and fabrics draped over the dusty detritus of the old city center and walls that are painted or lit with garish neon colors that represent the locals free and passionate spirits. Often exotic sounding rhythms and voices raised in song bounce around the buildings, pulsing with their rainbow hues and lending the entire area a manic and festive feel.In the main, this is simply a place for the more colorful and independent minded to go about their day to day. Artists and street entertainers can be seen bouncing or dancing through crowds while grinning merchants ply their wares. There are, however, whispers on the dark mesh of revolution and a court that still presides over local affairs, unbeknownst to the Protectorate.
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