A sea of makeshift stalls and shops, the market caters to everyone from ship captains looking to fill their cargo holds to locals seeking ingredients for the day’s meal.
With so many ships docked, the market overflows into the port. Crews hawk their wares directly to the crowds, pulling crates out of their cargo holds as they’re needed. The mechanic of one lonely mid-bulk transport offers passage for nothing more than a box of soil-grown strawberries. Elsewhere, high class Protectorate officers peruse market wares, oblivious to the sneering looks of some of the more colorfully dressed vendors. Sneers which are instantly replaced with oily smiles the moment an officer looks their way.The rear of the area is, or should have been, dominated by a large translucent wall that offers a sweeping vista of the planetoid below the station. The effect is somewhat marred, however, by the greasy and oily stains that seem to have built up on the wall after cycles of apparent neglect.

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