(Wallace Bank and Trust)
Transactions at the Wallace Bank and Trust are swift and efficient; doled out by smiling tellers in identical cobalt blue suits. There's an atmosphere of extreme poshness cradled by the utmost in security.
In order to ensure that wealthy visitors have no fears over the storage of their funds, the Wallace Bank and Trust is a tight-run ship with heavy surveillance. Security cameras perch from every golden pillar, and even the chandeliers have cameras, barely hidden, between their crystal drops. A huge ceiling with stained glass arches high above the heads of those below, and drones made to look like graceful, swooping birds, flit carelessly about, their bellies full of watchful eyes. Transactions are swift, friendly, and efficient, and there is rarely a line to wait in. The bank tellers, each dressed in suits of brilliant cobalt with gold piping, smile openly and are welcoming. Security guards with large guns are stationed inside of and in front of the building. Here their deadly weapons are seen as a detriment to theft and are a comfort to visitors, so the artillery is carried openly. There's a hushed silence about the place, which is disrupted at times by the clattering of heels upon the simulated Lapis Lazuli floors as patrons come and go.
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