(The Ballyhoo)
A bar who welcomes all (provide you've got the cred), the Ballyhoo is the place to go for refreshments and entertainment if the circus isn't in the cards.
Located next to the Stargaze Inn, the Ballyhoo is an oddly shaped bar and restaurant that caters to a mid-range clientele. Not too fancy, and not too down in the dumps, the bar draws a crowd of tourists and locals alike. Shaped like a figure-8, the main bar is set in the 8's center, with two small oval stages in the round flanking it on either side. Patrons sit at small tables draped in burgundy velvet along the curving floor of the 8, able to see a stage from wherever they are. A large arch over the bar provides access between the two stages, and it's not unusual to have a mini Clown Car drive overhead while one is ordering their drinks. The ceiling of the bar is painted with red and white stripes, and small globes of light dangle like teardrops along their lines. From the ceiling hang hundreds of golden stars, twisting gently and sparkling in the dim light.Performances happen throughout the evening on each stage. An echo of the larger event, these performances are a tease for what one might see at the Hippodrome, though often there are acts that haven't quite made it yet to the big top. Within the space of a few units, the audience moves from laughter to tears and back again as the various acts perform.

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