(Cirque Centauri Penitentiary)
The Penitentiary houses those who have broken the strict laws of Cirque Centauri, as well as privileged offenders from around the galaxy. Punishment is swift and unsparing for those who have dared to try and mar the image and harmony of the station, yet comfortable for those who can afford it.
The Penitentiary is divided into two parts: The Reformatory, where rich or influential prisoners are held, and The Correctional, where those of lesser means are kept. The Reformatory has large rooms with actual doors, access to gym equipment, holovids, and an outdoor area where one can wander and stretch their legs. The inmates come from all over the galaxy, housed here when their influence, power, or assets guarantee them a cushioned place to think about their choices. The Correctional is a harsher environment, with armed guards and barred cells. Prisoners are given meager rations and water, and let out once per day to walk in a circle with others in a dingy cement ring. The outer walls of The Correctional still bear signs of the Catastrophe, with huge gouges and burn marks scaring the drab gray walls.

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