(The Jadeite Baths)
The Jadeite Baths are monitored closely and watched over by jovial scientists dressed in pristine white lab coats. Dimly lit rooms full of vats stand in neat rows, their emerald liquid bubbling slowly.
The cloning vats of Cirque Centauri were once top-of-the line, to ensure the safest and most hassle-free vacation experience possible for guests to the station. With an influx of new investment, the vats have started to be upgraded with the latest advancements. However, some vats are still around from pre-Catastrophe days. There is row up on row of the clone tanks, bubbling as though at a simmer. Here and there, a body floats next to the glass, giving a glimpse of an arm, a strand of softly billowing hair, or a pale knee. Another section of the facility hosts the stations where 3D printed clones are created. A second level of the Baths is where premium clones are created and stored, always ready for an upgrade to the latest version of oneself.

NPCs found in this Area

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