Gov't Center

(Government Services Centre)
Located in a reclaimed section of the Downtown, the center of the station's government is stark and utilitarian in contrast to the extravagance of the tourist areas.
Large, squat buildings with heavy damage from the Catastrophe play host to the current offices of those responsible for the governance and administration of the station. Once a proud edifice, the facade of Station Hall is in disintegrating ruins, barely held up by the few remaining columns that withstood the Catastrophe. There was fighting here, as evidenced by the deep craters in the building's outer walls and in the streets leading up to it. There is a strong military presence in this area, with Gaule soldiers coming and going. Nearby lay the skeletons of skyscrapers, and in their midst, the tall tower belonging to Hospitality Corp stands like a monolith, looking down upon the station from its golden windows.
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