(Employment Centre)
Large, digital job boards display a plethora of requests for help and assistance. People crowd around the screens, as they shuffle through the listings, anxious to find something that might suit their talents and bring them cred.
Time was, most who were passing through Cirque Centauri were either so wealthy they wouldn't need to be looking for work or they were on vacation and work was the last thing they wanted to think about. These days, however, there are many who need employment. Some come to the station seeking fortune, while others were born to the few who managed to survive the Catastrophe and are trying to make a life for themselves. Some come to work in the hydroponic labs, while others have skills in construction. There is always employment to be found improving and renovating the station. In addition to job postings, there is also an excessive amount of listings about missing persons, offering substantial rewards for information or their return.

NPCs found in this Area

Missions that visit this Area

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