(The Velvet Den)
The lounge area of the Stargaze hotel is posh and comfortable. This is the place to go to schmooze, gossip, and relax. Thick armchairs surround fireplaces, and guests of The Velvet Den recline on velvety couches, sipping cocktails and laughing.
A side door opens, and an enveloping cloud of smoke pours forth, heavy with the synthetic scents of tobacco, apple, mint, and clove. It is common for the circus performers to come here to unwind, and it's not exceptional for someone to suddenly spring up, juggling a trio of empty glass tumblers, or breaking into operatic song. Drones, made to look like floating waiters from the waist up, slowly float through the room, their one arm holding out a metal tray full of drinks.

Missions that visit this Area

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