(The Night Market)
It is perpetually twilight at the Night Market; a bazaar of food stalls and fine goods, games of chance, and amusement rides sprawl out around the huge striped tent of the circus. Even if you can't afford any of the food or goods, the scent alone is worth wandering through the plaza.
The marketplace's high ceiling is programmed to always display an indigo sky full of twinkling stars. Every few days, visitors may be lucky enough to catch the sky streaking with arcs of green, blue, and pink auroras. The plaza, also called “the Night Market,” is a bazaar where the station's exotic treats and delicacies can be sampled, games of chance can be played, exhilarating amusement rides can be enjoyed, and where one can see the greatest show in the galaxy at the Hippodrome. Once, the shopping district was Downtown, but the orderly shops full of goods were crushed when the skyscrapers came tumbling down. The market sprung up organically around the circus, and has spread outward for generations. There is now a maze of stalls, booths, and kiosks, with strands of small, white lights, strung overhead between them. The enticing scent of spices, grilled meats, and sweets tantalize. For those that can afford the rare delicacies, there are sticks with speared and grilled fishes, cups of mulled wine and mugs of frothy beer, candied apples, and bags of popped corn, drenched in caramel or the even more scarce: butter. Other merchants sell everything from juggling balls to the finest in throwing knives and high precision rifles. Fine rolls of synthetic silks and heaps of faux furs, cabinets of jewelry set with precious stones, and original artwork from Nouveau Limoges are all on display.The sounds of delighted shrieks come from the various rides and when the circus is showing, the cries of awe and the thunder of applause wash over the market. A huge Ferris wheel, its spokes glowing blue and yellow, spins slowly, towering above the plaza like a giant eye. Shouts of frustration and cheers of celebration come from booths where visitors toss balls or shoot at holograms of stacked bottles, swing a huge Mall hammer down in a test of strength, and try their hands at other games of chance. Performers wander the market, setting up at busy corners to juggle, balancing on each others' limbs, or playing instruments. Their songs carry through the crowd, weaving between the laughter and the din of the games of chance.

Missions that visit this Area

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