(Adventure Origin Harbor)
A huge docking area capable of handling enormous starcruise ships, the Harbor is a busy show of organized chaos. Arriving guests are ushered cheerfully into the station while all around, circus entertainers perform exhilarating feats of balance, daring, and strength.
Cirque Centauri boasts an immense docking area capable of handling large influxes of visitors and huge starcruise ships. A VIP area for private vessels caters to those who can afford this indulgence, while the main deck is laid out in orderly lines, with many lanes for traffic. Passengers arrive and depart with the consistency of waves lapping against a shore. Cargo vessels make deliveries in a separate area, well away from the tourist traffic. All about the port, upon small stages, suspended from the impossibly high ceiling, or moving among the crowds, are performers from the circus. They juggle glowing balls, spit fire above the heads of guests, spin within spiked wheels, and walk across thin, wavering strands of cable. A hologram cast high above the Harbor's decks of a woman wearing a tall, shiny black hat, calls out a welcome and cries, “Ladies! Gentlemen, and Others! Children of all ages! Welcome to the Greatest Show in the Galaxy!”The walls of the port were once painted with blue and gold stripes. In some places, this has been repainted, while in others, painters on huge scaffolding scrape off the crumbling or fire scorched paint and work to reapply the stripes.

NPCs found in this Area

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