(The Heights)
Crumbling houses and condo complexes with brown, dust filled yards play host to the inhabitants of Cirque Centauri. Decades of neglect and conflict have taken their toll on the homes, though recent effort has been made to reclaim some of the houses from the ruins.
The magnificent homes and condo complexes of Haven Heights once sprawled across rolling hills, housing the inhabitants of Cirque Centauri. These days the houses and condos of The Heights are in disrepair and have fallen to neglect. Yards that once sported actual grass now lie barren and empty, save for the lots owned by those who can afford the tech to make them look lush once more. Their yards are full of flowers and grasses, which shimmer slightly as their holograms cycle through projections. Small pockets of The Heights have been reclaimed. The safest of these is Eaglewood, a condo complex closest to the former Downtown area of the station. The most dangerous areas of The Heights are those that abutted the Downtown, which is where old skyscrapers teeter unsteadily and sparks fly from untamed power grids. There are also rumors that somewhere in the ruins are people who were exiled from the reclaimed parts of the station.

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