(The Downtown)
Crumbling high-rises and sagging skyscrapers are all that remain of what was, at one time, a huge metropolis. Efforts have been made to reclaim the towers, and those that have been are enclosed in a huge wall that delineates the Safe Zone.
Once a gathering of glittering hotels and towering skyscrapers, the Downtown fell into disrepair after the Catastrophe. The explosions that tore through the station toppled many of the buildings, and left many others unsteady and unstable. The streets cracked and caved, falling in huge chunks to the maintenance tunnels that run under the station. It is not uncommon for buildings to randomly crumble, their supports finally giving way, or their walls sliding to crash on the debris ridden and pitted streets below. Streets, too, will split and huge fissures will appear as the station continues to settle. During the Recovery, looters tore through the buildings, taking anything they could find of value and destroying much of the rest . There were turf wars as Catastrophe survivors vied for control of the station, and even more buildings were destroyed in the process. Structures were also eventually demolished to gather materials for the construction of the wall around the Safe Zones and for repairs. The Downtown is split in two: the ruins of the old city, and the reclaimed area which has been walled off and which is slowly being rebuilt. Some of the poorer residents of the station have carved out homes among the fallen buildings, making dwellings in old conference rooms and offices. Disputes between the residents, who feel that they fought for these places, and the Guild of Hospitality, who seek to reclaim and rebuild the Downtown, are common. Near the wall, a group of protesters has gathered around one of the destroyed buildings, shouting as workers attempt to rise scaffolding around the structure. The protesters hold a banner whose display changes its slogans every few units. Bored looking Gaule soldiers stand at the ready around the protesters, their electrified tonfas ready to stun anyone who gets too out of hand. A gaggle of customer service representatives from the Guild hover near the soldiers, quickly intercepting tourists who get too close or too curious.

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