Sick Bay

(Tranquility Clinic)
“Peaceful recovery and the best of care,” is the motto of the Tranquility Clinic. Visitors to the station are kept comfortable and treated like royalty during their stays at this ultramodern facility.
A branch of Moemedi Medical, the clinic is an oasis of high quality care. The medical issues of guests to the station are given highest priority, as tourism is the station's top industry. This has led to some whispers that locals aren't receiving treatment as quickly, nor with the same quality of medics. The building is bright and welcoming, its staff clothed in crisp white uniforms and adorned with wide smiles. A separate wing for local inhabitants is on the side of the well maintained building. A line of people, some wrapped in dirty bandages, others coughing, stretches around the corner. Now and then, clinic workers will try to usher people inside, so they aren't seen.
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