The Wrecks

(The Wrecks)
The hollowed-out asteroid which houses Cirque Centauri is unusually large, and allowed for some ambitious internal architecture. Inspired by reverence for the mysterious 'Vegas' of old Earth, Cirque Centauri built huge towers in the zones now known as the Wrecks. Today, they hold rich allure for those scrounging Catastrophe's leftovers for something of value. But you'd be naive to think that the so-called "safe-zones" will fully live up to their name.
Most come here to tussle with rubble and ruin for some dusty treasure to enrich their day. But take a moment to look more closely and Cirque's former glories are here evident before you. Large windows in the station's hull, unlike anything seen elsewhere, gave former buildings a star-studded backdrop. The view alone was enough to intoxicate. Even the most hardened of Ruins rats has a soft spot in their heart for the star-lit vistas of the Wrecks.
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