(Semira's Zurkhaneh)
The gym is full of an assortment of ambitious individuals, some who are performers, aiming to stay at tip top shape, and others working to get or stay fit.
The Zurkhaneh is a state-of-the art gym facility, with modern equipment and tons of space to workout. The main portion of the gym is an open plan of weights, running tracks, and machines, on various levels. Ramps connect each section for easy access of all, and large rooms full of dancers and other movement classes line the room. Though the high-end hotel The Recherché offers its own on-site gym, a special section of the Zurkhaneh is reserved for more affluent patrons. At the end of a hall is a locked door, accessible only via scan for VIP guests and those who have the funds to hire the specialized trainers. The gym's owner, Semira Shirazi, wanders around, giving words of encouragement, spotting for people lifting heavy weights, and telling bawdy jokes.
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