D-com Area

(Memory Mushroom Forest)
The air is putrid and hung heavily with the weight of constant decomposition. A thousand varieties of fungus grow here, clustered close. The soil is particularly calibrated for the growth of the mushrooms: being a shallow layer of dirt over a vast mass grave system.
The mushroom forest towers to the roof of this part of Moissan, billowing its canopy across the full reach of the district’s ceiling. The varieties of fungus are myriad: many glow with eerie bioluminescence while others, small and quiet, dot the paths that weave as mazes through the forest itself. Processing plants are deep within the maze, some rigged for dehydration, some for paste making, while others for simple packaging for quick export. The zone had been the area which the inhabitants from Before brought the remains of their beloved dead after the decimation caused by the levels of hunger that struck the station so harshly during the Catastrophe. Native Moissans take the death of the physical form very seriously and have made a cultural effort to revere those that have passed.
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