Gov't Center

(Government Center)
The government center in Moissan is a drab and utilitarian building. Some threadbare wall hangings with fraying edges adorn the main hall.
Many of the rooms within the government building are empty and closed up, a testament to fact that only a fraction of Moissan's population survived through the dark days after the Catastrophe. Some of the fungus that proliferates throughout much of the station can be seen creeping in through doors and windows of the grey building, adding splashes of yellow, red, and green where a particular spore type grows. Most of the visitors to the building are travelers to the station. However, a small number of staff are native Moissanians, quiet and stoic men and women who have survived through the harshness of starvation until civilization found them again. Oddly enough, these people do not seem to suffer any effects of malnutrition but look healthy and fit despite their more reserved demeanors.
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