Carts filled with processed mushrooms roll along the steel floors of the station’s massive port, loaded by grimy workers onto waiting cargo ships marked with ration corporations logos.
A cadre of uniformed workers make their way to a freshly landed ship, wheeling out large containers that spew forth a steady mist of chilled air. The older, more experienced workers chat amicably as they push the empty refrigerators. The junior staff are quiet as they drive their grim burdens forward. A procession of carts loaded with processed fungi passes them heading the other direction. Much of the area is covered with different patches of molds and fungi, a colorful coat that Moissan wears proudly, a reminder of how close the station came to being devoid of life. The many different types of eukaryotic organisms that grew out of the mass graves around the station during the Catastrophe were like a vast and tiny forest of life for the survivors.

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