The university is sparse and industrial, housed in a building in the mushroom processing district. Its walls are the same dull gray of the nearby processing plants; the buildings could easily be mistaken for one another.
Drab and square, the station’s university is small and poorly maintained. A line of people stretches out its doors and onto the street, waiting for their turn to use one of the automated nanoshot course injectors. A sign of cracked, mold-blackened plastic is screwed onto the wall outside the door. “Step 1: Insert credits. Step 2: Insert arm. Step 3: Select desired course. Step 4: Wait for injection.” Below these instructions, in smaller print, is a warning. “In the case of malfunction or injection failure, do not attempt to remove your arm manually. Staff will be sent to assist with needle extraction.” Several of the automatic injectors are out of order and appear to have been that way for some time.

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