(Le Bar de la Roche)
Soldiers, dressed in casual gray and black fatigues, and their loved ones crowd around tables, catching up and laughing or crying together. Being drunk and disorderly is considered behavior unbecoming to an officer of the Gaule Navy, however, now and then a hearty drinking song bursts forth from a group that's imbibed a bit too much.
Lantern light flickers on the faces of soldiers and visitor, some smiling, some with their faces long and draw with worry. It's easy to tell the ones who're green and due for their first ship out. They're usually the ones being clapped on the back and told not to worry by an older compatriot. The beer flows freely here, and soldiers, friends, and family gather around tables together. Along the walls, long and wide screens show local station channels, which alternate between Gaule talking heads and intimate looks at the lives of high ranking Gaule soldiers and officials. Between the screens, the walls are decorated with old helmets, decommissioned rifles, and tattered and faded posters of renowned soldiers.
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