(The Iron Lady)
Hissing gas lamps cast flickering shadows over everyone eating and drinking inside the inn. Tables and chairs are also set outside of the warm pub, and friends and family gather close to the light talking, drinking, and eating together.
One of the only places to survive the Catastrophe, The Iron Lady is set deep into the shell of the station's carved out asteroid. The Inn is frequented by guests who've come to visit loved ones who are doing their mandatory terms in the Gaule military, and by travelers passing by on business. As it's not part of the military sectors, the Inn has been left to fend for itself, which means the lights are only on for part of the day, leaving the rest of the illumination to gas lamps hung high over the tables and on walls. The front of the building is deeply scarred and pocked from what must have been nearby explosions during the Catastrophe.

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