(Nouveau Mouffetard Market)
Located in the civilian sector, the market is made up of a mixture of larger, higher-end shops, and smaller vendors who set up outside of the established shops, displaying their wares openly on the streets, their rickety booths like barnacles on a ship.
The market exists primarily to supply the local soldiers with food, goods, weapons, and other items that might not otherwise be included in their government-issued supplies. Heavy cords and cables hang just barely above the height of the tallest Belter, crisscrossing each other and tumbling in tangled jumbles. These exposed veins of the station carry stolen power to the market from the military sectors. Many of high-end shops are buildings that were salvaged after the Catastrophe, and most bear marks of the damage caused by the detonations that ravaged the station. Now and then, one of the stores will host an event featuring one of the station's elite soldiers as they promote a label of clothing or a scent that they've signed their name to.

NPCs found in this Area

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