(Les Banlieues)
Military housing for Gaule soldiers consists of rows of identical regocrete buildings, each one painted a pale yellow with a red roof. Children play together in the streets under the warm glow of the overhead lighting.
Ensigns of the Gaule Protectorate are housed together in large barracks. As soldiers move up through the ranks, they move into dorms and then finally to Les Banlieues, a well-lit section of the station lined with rows of identical houses. High-ranking officers live in condos or larger houses at the edges of the complex, and these dwellings tend to be more opulent and unique. Other denizens of the station are allowed to find shelter in the few remaining pre-Catastrophe houses that survived the explosions, or to create their own dwellings from the scraps that the explosions left behind.

Missions that visit this Area

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