Patchwork hovels, their walls and roofs cobbled together with found materials, stand in stark contrast to the uniform, identical buildings of in military housing. Lighting here is dim and untrustworthy, the product of stolen power from the military's areas of the station.
Once, this level of the station was full of museums, restaurants, and luxury apartments for tourists and residents. The buildings were all destroyed during the Catastrophe, from explosions so powerful they nearly pulverized everything. Ancient and prized artifacts from Earth were vaporized in an instant, and some say the loss is a deep wound that humanity will carry all its days. Every now and then, a treasure hunter will emerge from the rubble, having recovered some lost piece of history: a shattered pot, a torn painting, a warped gold coin, or a chunk of a statue, its marble streaked black with soot. From the ash and the dust, the survivors on the station moved on, building themselves new dwellings out of scrap metal and rubble.
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