Sick Bay

(Hôpital des Étoiles)
The hospital on Paris Spatiale is enormous, with many floors and two wings that arch around a busy plaza like a swan of ancient Earth enfolding the patients in its wings. The large building is painted white with large glass windows at its front, looking out over the plaza.
Originally built as emergency facilities to treat wounded soldiers, the hospital has grown and expanded in the past few decades, and now offers care to the military, station locals, veterans, and patients from off station. The hospital is known as a facility that specializes in artificial organ transplants, and has some of the best 3D printing machines and small vats for growing new organs. A small clinic in the east wing caters to emergencies and walk-ins. The plaza before the hospital is a lovely park, round, with fake trees dotting a plot of astroturf. Recovering patients, visitors, and locals loll about the park, relaxing against the trunks of the trees or sitting on the concrete benches. A fountain in the center of the park sprays arcs of light, which sparkle as they cascade into the basin below.

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