The Wilds

(The Wilds)
It's highly embarrassing that Paris, as the Gaule Capital, should have Wilds at all. But, until some solution can be found to the unstable atmosphere in sector 12D, only the deranged will consider spending time there, sustained by improvised, and little-maintained, air systems. The pressure is fairly constant, but Syndicate teams conducting sorties here always carry back-up oxygen just in case. Fighting off feral raiders is tough enough, without having to worry about hypoxia as well.
Though largely spheroid in shape even before its induced rotation, Paris Spatiale occupies a hollowed-out rock of dubious structural integrity; with one section of its outer wall porous to the silent vacuum beyond it. The inner decks immediately bordering this are, for now, considered too tricky to maintain. Ask for the Wilds, and locals will direct you to these abandoned corridors, where the feral and the reckless slaughter each other in an atmosphere that is forever slowly leaking into the Big Black beyond.
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