The Wrecks

(The Wrecks)
Paris Spatiale's Wrecks center on a ruined museum complex, originally built in a deliberately archaic style to acknowledge its historical function. Look closely among the rubble and you'll see evidence of this once-marvelous homage to civilization. Stonework fragments worked to resemble Classical pillars; Regocrete blocks in a late second millennium style; and even the sleek Graphene panels which became ubiquitous in the third. But you're still more likely to meet a ruthless scav than an archaeologist here.
The tragic destruction of this multi-level complex is thought to have arisen with a battery fire in the museum's back-up systems during Catastrophe. Sadly, most of the precious artifacts were made from ancient and often flammable materials. By the time Department Z and the Special Artifacts Group could perform their audits of the remains, little was left unclaimed by either fire or raiders. And yet, the promise of some unique artifact still draws scavengers from far and wide, dreaming of pulling a priceless relic from the ruin.
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