(Gym Kinétique et Amphithéâtre)
Always packed full of off-duty Gaule soldiers, the gym is the place to see and be seen. The equipment is shiny and new, though it seems like some guests prefer posing next to workout stations rather than putting them to use. In addition to the indoor facilities, this level of the station is also home to the outdoor amphitheater.
Everyone who's anyone ends up at the gym for people watching or to strut their stuff. The Gaule Protectorate's elite soldiers are often found here, lifting ridiculous amounts of weight and being cheered on by their fellow compatriots. Speakers around the facility pump loud tunes with slamming beats that barely serve to drown out the grunts, groans, and growls of the bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. The walls are lined with screens, some with Gaule-centered talks shows, while other screens are full of smiling or scowling high ranking Gaule soldiers, their lives constantly showcased for all to see by a rabid paparazzi. A section of the gym is reserved for VIP training by off-duty elite soldiers, while outside, behind the gym, lies a gloomy amphitheater, surrounding an oval running track which is bordered by climbing walls and obstacle trenches. Freestanding arc lights cast sharp circles of illumination on platforms reserved for wrestling, gymnastics, and even the occasional theatrical performance.Visitors and uniformed Gaule personnel partake in the courses or sit and chat on the terraces that enclose the training area. Voices are quickly swallowed by the stone of the structure, but what can be heard are stories about homes and families far from Paris Spatiale. The bright white lights of slates illuminate faces as images of loved ones and home are shown to friends and strangers alike.

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