(Consortium Security Office)
Housed in a converted silo, the security building is staffed by a professional contingent of Consortium officers who work in tense concert with a small number of local volunteer law keepers, armed with simple weapons and homemade armor.
The Consortium has officers stationed on The Ghost of Mali to confront any major unrest on the station, while a small unit of volunteers tend to the day-to-day station conflicts. A collection of notes describing problems and disputes from around the station are pinned to a bulletin board near the entrance. The volunteer guards stop by the board seemingly at random to look over the notices, and when they see a problem they like they snatch it up and head off to solve it. Occasionally they also visit the building’s armory, a motley collection of beat up weapons and armor stored in an old storage barn. The Consortium officers are as uncomfortable and suspicious of the volunteers as the volunteers are of Consortium.

Missions that visit this Area

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