(Al-Farooqi Bar)
Ship breaking is a dangerous and arduous job, and most of the workers can be found here after their shifts. They tuck themselves into booths with fellow workers or family members, unwinding and celebrating another day of surviving the yards.
The scent of synthetic spices and grilling biomeat, imported directly from the 3D printers on Ghosts of Mali, permeate the air of this large restaurant. Tables set along the walls have heavy curtains draped around them in the front room, while in the back room, low tables, set in front of long couches, line the walls. The back room is loud with the sound of laughter, spirited conversation, and music from live musicians who are set toward the far end of the room. Now and then, people will rise to dance to the music, then fall back into their couches, laughing.

Missions that visit this Area

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