(Anima Jump Gate Gestation Ward)
Anima’s Jump Gate Gestation Ward occupies a large unit on the station’s central walkway. Its prominently displayed vats draw glances from passersby, reminding them of the need to secure favorable post-death prospects.
The ward’s interior is somewhat of a building site, with long-awaited refurbishments finally underway to equipment which became outdated during the recent closure of the Sol passage. Crates stamped “Anima HQ: Taungoo” are being unpacked while a cluster of grimy old vats stand empty in the corner, awaiting removal. Murky fluids drip from the now disconnected piping, draining across the floor into a sewer panel. It smells worse than a shuttle barf bag. At the reception desk, a Foundation employee strains hard to maintain a ‘business-as-usual’ smile for prospective clients.

NPCs found in this Area

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