Gov't Center

(Barnard’s Star Jump Gate Ministry)
The Ministry is a large well-lit building paneled in Consortium blue. As well as the usual government services, it also houses the offices used for the Bakker Inquest.
As the Consortium’s sole government base in the system, the imposing Ministry building is of vital importance. Consortium insignia adorn the external walls and guards patrol the perimeter. Inside, compliant citizens process documents and collect rations. A quiet murmur permeates, punctuated only by the occasional motor swivel buzz of a surveillance camera. It is from the Ministry’s upper levels that the high-profile Bakker Inquest into the station’s Catastrophe experience was conducted. Under Chief Bakker’s direction, a team of seconded investigators from Tau Station worked to pull truth from the swirl of rumor which had festered here post-Cat. Survivor testimonies of a vicious Consortium-Gaule battle at the Jump Gate undermined the uneasy truce installed by the Nouveau Limoges Accords. The Bakker Inquest promised answers, but both governments knew they could be difficult to accept.

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