Interstellar Shuttles

(Interstellar Shuttles)
With the launch of the Bakker Inquest and closure of the direct passage to Sol, the station’s Interstellar Shuttle Bay fell quiet, apart from the odd service to lesser systems. Today, arrival and departure boards again indicate a busy gate with frequent connections to Sol, reminding thankful locals that their isolation is over.
With the Sol passage a key site of Bakker’s investigation, there was little choice but to close it while his team completed their work. With reliable findings potentially key to future relations, both Consortium and Gaule governments supported the effort. A joint pact agreed the closure terms and the residents of Barnard’s Star prepared for a period of relative obscurity. These cycles took their toll on those with loved ones elsewhere. Now, with the re-opening of its vital connection to Sol, this terminal regularly hosts heartfelt reunions between distant friends and family.
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