(The Ashes)
Nothing here should burn. And yet, all those cycles ago when Catastrophe came, an explosive din filled the air. Against the odds, somehow, the station’s wall integrity held. That epicenter is now known as The Ashes.
What used to be a vast maze of automated cargo facilities is now a flame-scorched warren of hazards. Somehow, despite the proximity of the station hull’s thinnest sections, a ruinous breach was avoided.A series of blasts blackened this non-combustible place but, in the scramble that followed, it was yet another mystery which may never be solved. Some posited rogue cargo shipments, hydrogen perhaps, somehow evading customs, venting into the air and finding the spark of a loose electrical connection. Others spoke of Gaule bombs and sabotage, while many cared only that they’d survived. Cycles later the problem occupied some of Bakker’s finest minds. Today the stench of charred flesh is gone, but the blistered bulkheads of The Ashes still remind residents just how close the station came to complete destruction.

NPCs found in this Area

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