(IBME Caen)
The sign above the entrance to the IBME Bank reads "Interstellar Bank of Marketing Executives—Caen Branch". Heavily armed guards outnumber the tellers and patrol constantly, their weapons at the ready. Even the bank tellers look like people you wouldn't want to mess with.
The IBME Bank is better known as the "Interstellar Bank of Mercenary Expeditions." They have a reputation of being willing to finance anything—if there's a profit to be made—and their repututation for discretion is unparalleled. Originally Consortium-based, the IBME fled to freebooter stations when their profits became so great that politicians who didn't ask questions had no choice but to ask questions. Though no longer having official presence on Consortium or Gaule systems, the IBME nonetheless flourishes and is rumored to have deep connections with many well-known and well-liked public figures.
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