(The Bill and Bay-leaf)
A local watering hole for thirsty Freebooters and travelers on Caen Stronghold.
The Bill and Bay-leaf is the pride and joy of its proprietor, William Bay-Leaf. A large and bulky man, he can be seen ambling about the rustic faux-wood interior and making sure his customers are both happy and as well behaved as can be expected on a lawless station. While the occasional scuffle is tolerated, once it becomes a nuisance, William can often be seen picking up the offenders by their belt and collar and hauling them out onto the cobblestones (lovingly placed one by one by William himself) where they are welcome to finish their arguments. Survivors are welcome to come back inside. Dust motes hang in the smoky air and the entire establishment is done up to look like the public houses of old. Most drinking is actually done in relative quietness with most patrons more reflective than raucous in nature.
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