(Entertainment District)
Knots of raucous men and women of all shapes and sizes laugh and drink in the crowded streets between pubs, inns, and more esoteric establishments. Strands of holographic lighting crisscross overhead and color the entire area with their many hues.
The entire district is washed with hazy, multicolored lighting from any number of sources. Holographic images and marketing slogans project all sorts of imagery into the darkness while screens and shoddy, electronic billboards fizzle and spark as various questionable power sources struggle to maintain the machinery. The atmosphere can often get quite loud and even occasionally violent, though most disagreements are ended abruptly and often with a note of finality. Like the rest of the station, the Entertainment District enjoys very lax enforcement of any kind of law, with the bulk of peacekeeping maintained by bouncers and bodyguards.

NPCs found in this Area

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