(The Chink)
A kilometer-wide crater is visible in the distance, surrounded by rubble in a starburst pattern. The area is nicknamed the 'chink' as locals joke that this is the weakness in the station that provided the killing blow during the Catastrophe.
Everything in the ruins is smothered in rock powder and a haze lingers in the air, turning distant buildings into ghostly blue silhouettes. The large crater that dominates the area is almost entirely devoid of any of the detritus and rubble that litters the rest of the landscape. Whatever crashed through the station obliterated the former occupants and clearly created enough force to blast anything within it's radius well clear. The ceiling high above was patched together by those who came after the Catastrophe but even now requires constant maintenance and patchwork to keep safe. The entire station's structural integrity was affected, however, and the occasional randomized decompressions still occur today with a jury-rigged response system in place to keep the rest of the station safe when they do.

NPCs found in this Area

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