The market's denizens. Each vendor is more colorful than the next to attract the best customers.
The market's vendors on Caen Stronghold are like dazzling peacocks. Each stall is more flamboyant and interesting than the next with anything from holographic dancers to entice you in to music and spices drifting through the air. The entire area is festooned with electronic light chains and hologramatic garlands and each vendor's sing-song voice tries to drown out his or her neighbor to get your attention. The patrons and visitors to the area are just as colorful, with Caen Stronghold being the first Freebooter station past the Sol System, it attracts people from every sector. One particularly rare sight is a bearded Belter walking around the stalls with what appears to be a canine companion! A holographic vanity tag proclaims the furry friend is known as Boomer.

Vendors found in this Area

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