(Cárcel de La Tormenta)
Cárcel de La Tormenta is located in a particularly dense section of jungle. It’s built on the edge of the swamp which marks the ruins, close to the faulty humidity generators. It's veiled in a layer of white mist so thick it’s difficult to breathe. Prisoners are placed in cells with corresponding unpleasantness to the severity of their crimes.
The worst offenders are forced into high-walled cells without ceilings in the thickest parts of the fog. They’re subjected to the wrath of jungle storms with pelting, stinging rain and swarms of biting bugs with no protection. When prisoners are released, they’re permanently scarred with welts from the harsh rains and insects. Many of them also suffer lung damage and retain an ugly cough for the rest of their lives. Everyone on Estación de Amazon knows who these criminals are from the distinguishing markers and they're often forced to leave the station entirely. The Gauloise are trying to soften this practice, but they’ve run into too much Amazonian pushback so far.
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