(The Swamps)
Vast, untouched jungle, most of it too wet and swampy for human inhabitants. The trees are tightly packed together and every inch of the floor is covered in fallen leaves. Moss climbs the walls nearly up to the ceiling. The sounds of the forest are loudest in the ruins—it’s the thickest concentration of insects in the known galaxy.
Lamps must be used here, as the forest is so thick in some places it blocks out all light. Thick clusters of biting insects, venomous snakes, and deep, sucking pools of mud await anyone who enters. Most tech left here has long been ruined by water damage, but there is value here yet. A few small amphibians and reptiles live deep in the forest and can be sold on the black market for a high price. The ultimate prize would be a “crocodile," a gigantic ancient Earth beast rumored to roam the deepest reaches of the swamp.
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