(Hopkins Ginko)
Armed guards stationed outside of the old building nod at passersby, cordial smiles never reaching their sharp eyes as they scan the area. The ancient, pre-Cat bank boasts fabricated marble stairs and columns, dented and gouged with the scars of the fighting the station saw in darker days. Yasutsuna Corp employees, wearing identical outfits of black with red details, greet customers with a wide smile.
Before the Corp took control of the station, this building stood empty but for the occasional squatter, though at one time it appears to have been the headquarters of one of the station's fighting factions. Within the ancient lobby of the bank, a huge map of the station was painted cycles ago on the center of the floor. It appears to have been used for tactical planning, but these days is mostly ignored by the customers who float in and out of the bank, their minds far away from the conflicts that once rocked this station.
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