(Hopkins Keimusho)
The station's prison is stark and austere; an old building with dents and gouges from post-Cat conflicts scaring the front and sides. Armed guards patrol the grounds and the entire structure is walled off with a tall electric fence. The building's rear is set into the very asteroid hull itself, and two towers stand at each of the front corners, guards staring balefully down onto the ground below while a spotlight sweeps the space between fence and building, locking onto every movement caught therein.
The prison is separated into two sections, Yasutsuna Corp prisoners who have been moved station-side from their prison ships, and local ruffians, rioters, and enemies of the Lionhearts who have shown themselves to be a danger to the stability of the station. Life in the prison is exceedingly harsh, with strict rules governing everything from how to sit or stand during the intermittent cell inspections, to how to sleep, when and how to speak, and how to hold your eating utensils. Punishment is swift and merciless for all those who diverge from these guidelines.

NPCs found in this Area

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