(Restormel Inn)
The locals say that this massive circular structure was built before the Catastrophe to mimic an old castle from ancient Earth. It's constructed from gray blocks of regocrete, with high walls whose battlement is bordered by crumbling crenels. Between these gaps in the parapet can be seen guests of the inn, who often enjoy strolling atop the keep's wall.
Built ages ago by some eccentric madperson who wanted to have the first castle in space, the fortifications provided by the Restormel Inn were invaluable to the Lionhearts, who once lived in and operated their resistance from within these thick walls. Heavy fighting clearly took place on the streets outside, and some portions of the walls bear scorch marks and are in ruins. Most of the inn is still habitable, however, and now that the Lionhearts have vacated, an entrepreneurial woman has stepped in and taken up as the innkeep, letting rooms to the new visitors from the local stations and the star systems beyond. Still, there are sections of the inn which are dangerous and unsafe to traverse. It's down these crumbling halls, up these spiraling staircases, and along this broken battlement that sightings of a ghostly figure have also been reported.

NPCs found in this Area

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