Local Shuttles

(Heathrow Shuttles)
Small shuttles, used for hopping between stations, arrive like clockwork, discharging their riders and swallowing up those waiting in orderly queues. A worker dangles in a rig from nearby scaffolding, painting the walls with a fresh coating of white. Employees, wearing matching midnight blue uniforms with gold buttons and brilliant smiles, quickly herd the crowds into neat rows behind yellow lines that have been painted on the floor.
The local shuttles received a makeover recently, but marks of destruction can still be seen in some places. Workers tend to a large hole that was blown in the floor in some battle long ago. Meanwhile, shuttles from the Tanegashima Fleet, mixed with the older, station-owned ships, arrive and depart on a tidy schedule. The newer ships from the Fleet stand out starkly next to their older brethren, which have been patched up so many times as to be nearly unrecognizable from their original state.
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