(Starborough Market)
The market is made up of two parts: the stalls and vendors which have spilled out onto the street, and an enormous building full of shops, both small and large. Tables laden with goods make for narrow rows around the large structure. Inside, the stores are more orderly, and are set two stories high on either side of a long hallway. Above the central aisle, a huge glass arch, with the projected image of fluffy clouds against a blue sky, gives the impression of the market being planetside.
With the opening of the jump gates came a flood of merchants, vendors, and salespeople, eager to stretch out into a new market and bring goods to a people who've long done without the finer or more rare things in life. They also cater to wealthy tourists who have been among the first flocking to the “new” stations to explore and see what lies beyond the Barnard's Star Jump Gate. Residents and tourists are easy to tell apart. The former walk the rows with wide eyes, somewhat stunned after so many cycles of scarcity. The latter are more scarce, and they look down their nose at the simpletons and uncivilized locals, forgetting that they too have barely surfaced from a life of survival to one of thriving.

NPCs found in this Area

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